Pavilion 5,0m x 3,0m


Modularbuilding –

specialise in providing modular and portable buildings and objects. Active  since 2010,

with a wide experience in building and modernisation  of food industry  objects in accordance with European Union standards.

We are an international company operating at present in Germany and Great Britain


Mob.: 01782561110

Mob.: 07443 564 451




– composite insulated wall panel 150mm thick
– composite insulated roof panel 150mm thick
– steel frame
– aluminium double glazed single door 1100 mm x 2100 mm – 1 psc.
– UPVC double glazed not openable windows 1300 mm x 2000 mm – 1 psc.
– UPVC double glazed not openable windows 1200 mm x 2000 mm – 1 psc.
– flashings
– gutter sets
– technical documentation, architectonically-constructional project for adaptation
– steel floor insulated double coated finished OSB panel 22mm thick
– decorative coffer “attica” three sides
– Delivery and assembly

– fancy angle (V) – 2 psc


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