Why modular construction


Modular buildings – made of ready-made, prefabricated spatial prefabricates. The construction of this type of facility can be used for several dozens of modules.

Our pavilions are modern modules that can be high-quality objects indistinguishable from traditional construction

Modular buildings are programmed in the maximum shortening of the implementation time for the user. Modular construction is particularly popular in Western countries. This is important from the point of view of quality management technology, independence from weather conditions. It is important, for example, for buildings built in city centers

These solutions are even used in public facilities such as hospitals, laboratories, schools, or kindergartens.

Modular buildings are also used for commercial buildings as commercial pavilions, small catering facilities, gas stations and the like.

Our realizations

With one click you can find all our previous realizations and see what we have been doing so far. We would like to share it with you. To view our implementation map, just click here http://efektmaps.com/ or by visiting our website (https://modernpavilion.co.uk/), open the “Our Realizations” tab.

After hovering over the map marked on the map, you will be able to find out details about the location of the cabins. You can also find out for what type of business, which cabin was used, as well as information about customers. Each implementation is accompanied by a picture of the cabin, which, hopefully, gives an idea of ​​the design possibilities. It is worth remembering that there are many options for modular buildings, and the decision depends on the requirements. We adapt the design to your needs. Some customer groups have some preferences and classic choices that may sometimes seem similar. See examples of our orders in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium that are variable. Look at our clients in the UK that you can find and see in real life if you like. Check also other locations to find out where we were. Most importantly, with our help, you can hope that you will inspire yourself to create your own, ideal modular building project.

Fast assembly of the 8×6 pavilion built of three modules

Fast assembly of the 8×6 pavilion built of three modules in Schweinnfurt, Germany
It took us only one day to assemble the pavilion measuring 8m x 6m. The modular building was built of three modules.
Standard equipment. In the previous post you can see the loading of this pavilion in our company in Efekt.
Below you can see the unloading and assembly of the portable building.
In the near future we are going to the Netherlands to build another very popular pavilon with dimensions of 6m x 5m
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