Kiosks made of sandwich panels are typical examples of small area commercial pavillions maximally up to 20 square meters, mainly dedicated for businesses in crowded places or places with a limited area for the construction. Commercial kiosks adopting module construction from prefabricated components replace the common old type kiosks distinguished by original appearance and varied coloring. Not only do we manufacture commercial kiosks, but office, servicing and gastronomy types as well.

Kiosks are distinguished by extensive window woodwork, including completely glazed walls. They are manufactured in a similar way adopting sandwich panels with Styrofoam or polyurethane core with coloring selected by a client. The panel is used for the housing of the construction from cold bended profiles. The use of finishing dressings on corners and jointing points results in a unique presence. Kiosks are frequently equipped in external blinds including anti-burglary blinds.  There is an option for connecting the kiosk with other public facilities such as bus stops.