Site preparation (concrete blocks)

Lastly, I briefly described the concrete foundation which in our opinion is the best solution, but it is also possible to prepare the substrate with concrete blocks

– concrete blocks

The main advantage of concrete blocks over a concrete foundation is that they are ready to be purchased and used in readiness. This means that you do not have to worry about the intense preparation and drying process. Our team will advise you that concrete blocks are sufficient to be used as a ground base under our building. Our architect assesses the size of the building and gives advice on the type of foundation needed. As part of the construction permit process, the local council will advise you if the current plot area is suitable for construction. The nature of our buildings is not permanent, but portable, which means that in most cases there is no need for additional tests on the ground.

Important information that you need to know about concrete blocks is how to arrange them. This will be developed by our architect during the design process and the customer will receive a special plan for the distribution of concrete blocks (as in the picture below)

The contractor can then put concrete blocks for you.
If you have any experience in this type of work, you can potentially put it. The level of concrete blocks is the most important and will be checked by our team before modular assembly so that it can be slightly adjusted if necessary.
However, when concrete blocks are used, you will be left with empty spaces under the building. We cover the empty prestige with special metal cladding in the color of the pavilion

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