Modern construction industry is more and more frequently based on creating buildings in light construction technology, facilities are not fixed to the ground permanently, strip footing is not required. Workings related to preparation of the bed include ground leveling and position of concrete cubes in accordance with a designed basement projection made by our designer, as well as the option for pouring concrete at a destination surface for a pavilion, container, garage, gatehouse, kiosk and other constructions made of sandwich wall panels.

Pavilion basement: the pavillion basement consists in a grid made of rectangular precisely cold bended steel profile. The size of the profiles in the grid depends on the size of the pavilion. All the profiles are welded using MIG/MAG technology by a qualified personnel, followed by dual-layer painting of the element. The nether part of the grid is all covered with 0.5 mm powder coated sheet metal. Within the grid there is insulation (made with Styrofoam or polyurethane plates, or mineral wool 60 mm or 80 mm thick, depending on the grid height. The upper part of the floor is the 22 mm OSB plate.

Walls and roofing; for housing walls sandwich wall panels of various core thickness are used, depending on the purpose of the object, from 60 to 150 mm. The sandwich panel is light with Styrofoam or polyurethane core which is covered double-sided with powder coted metal sheet 0.5 mm thick.  Therefore, the sandwich panel has very good thermo conductive properties and hence is energy saving. Simple and quick installation and reinstallation of the sandwich panels is also an advantage and for that reason they are perfect coating for this sort of objects. The panels are mounted from the top and the bottom in steel cold bended channel bars which are double painted. The panels are joined together and with the channel bars with the application of polyurethane foam eliminating cold penetration in the most exposed parts.

The roof just like the walls is made of sandwich panels, with a 150 mm Styrofoam panel core used as a standard. The jointing of the panels are filled with polyurethane secured with D1 quality. Roof panels are screwed to channel bars with self-tapping screws. For the connections between the walls and the roof a foam seal is applied which eliminates the cold penetration and tightens the pavilion.

Wall and sandwich panels are available in all colors from RAL Color Chart proceeded by arrangements with the client. The panel surface is all covered with protective foil.

A crucial element influencing the unique final effect of the pavillion is the employment of weld dressings and decoration elements. The dressings are made of 0.5 mm steel sheet depending on the purpose. All the sheet processing (measuring, bending and cutting  down to size) are done by our Workers. Colors from RAL Color Chart also available.

the whole area which allows the mounting of prefabricated components. Walls and roofing preparation method is the same as mentioned above.

Office, gastronomy, commercial pavillions, gatehouses and watchmen’s lodges and the like constructions, window systems are applied with the utilization of woodwork, made of PCV or aluminum sized and colored for the client’s needs.

Obviously our company offers complex installation works of pavillions, containers, kiosks at the client’s location, with professional equipment and mounting systems which are prerequisites of a proper installation works.