About Us

Every single pavilion we manufacture reflects our client’s needs, features unique appearance, interesting coloring of decorations and finishing all contribute to inimitable facility, which will attract attention of potential customers and business partners.


We are characterized by innovative solutions which allow for the highest ratings in modern construction industry. The accomplishment of a project, the manner of facility production, its purpose and extra services all give the users of our products the greatest benefits.

As a consequence of constant expansion of our company, we have decided to introduce our services and facilities internationally. Targeting new clients we launched branch offices in Germany and United Kingdom.


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We manufacture facilities for small, medium, and large business recognized as commercial, office, gastronomy, bazaar pavilions, watchmen’s lodges, guardhouses, gatehouses, portable cabins, transportable containers, prefab commercial containers, module containers, container offices as well as carwash facilities, the backs for petrol stations, garages, workshops and bus stops.

We have alot of experience in manufacturing and installation of sandwich panel facilities. We make pavilions adopting light construction technology that is light steel framework, walls and roof from sandwich panels with Styrofoam or polyurethane core. The facilities do not require the footing.