Apart from a modern and esthetic appearance, commercial pavilions are a very practical solution in contemporary construction industry. They are made in light housing construction. Also known as office pavilions, shops, servicing pavilions and warehouse pavilions. The pavilions are made of sandwich panels with insulated floors colored in line with the client’s taste. The pavillion does not require the footing, hence the possibility of a quick expansion or replacement. The objects made of sandwich boards are good thermal insulators.

Our prefabricated office buildings are often adapted for warehousing. The modular cabins are ideal for storing goods or equipment, because they have no footing and as a result, they can be transported to another place without much effort. What is more, you can have them easily expanded. A pavilion can be equipped with an electric installation. The price depends on individual needs of the client, and is mostly dictated by window woodwork made of PCV and aluminum. Office and commercial pavilions often incorporate glazing of the front wall. The price is also dependent on the finishing element of different shapes. The coloring of the finishing and the walls is up to the client’s preferences.