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Modern Commercial Pavilions: Self-Service Store by EFEKT

Commercial pavilions from Pawilony EFEKT are modern, elegant structures that perfectly meet various business needs. Gone are the days when pavilions were associated with unattractive “tin sheds” without windows and creaky doors. Today, thanks to the use of durable sheet metal painted with polyurethane paint from a wide range of RAL colors and large glazing, our pavilions attract attention and invite customers in.

A particularly important element for fashion and gastronomy stores are the display windows, which allow for an attractive presentation of the interior and assortment. It is often the appearance and display that determine whether a customer decides to enter the store.

Container Store: For Whom?

Pawilony EFEKT is a solution for many types of retail businesses. They find applications in the food and gastronomy industry, as well as in clothing, footwear, and services. Smaller units are ideal as small grocery stores or kiosks, where you can buy newspapers, sweets, toys, and stationery. Larger pavilions are often arranged as cafes, fast food restaurants, or clothing stores with glazed shop windows, which are perfect for displaying mannequins.

Moreover, our pavilions are also popular in the service industry, serving as hairdressing or manicure salons. The mobility of our structures makes them an ideal solution for seasonal businesses, such as souvenir shops in tourist destinations, which can be easily moved from place to place.

Mobility and Flexibility of Container Stores

One of the key advantages of commercial pavilions from Pawilony EFEKT is their mobility. The installation process is quick and simple – it only takes one day to build a foundation from ready-made blocks and then place the container using a crane or HDS. This allows our pavilions to be relocated to any place in a short time, which is extremely valuable for entrepreneurs who need to adapt their locations to changing market conditions.

Our containers can be easily equipped with electrical and water installations, allowing them to be fully utilized year-round. Thanks to their mobility, container stores are an ideal solution for businesses operating seasonally, such as in tourist towns.

Pawilony EFEKT: Economical, Ergonomic, and Impressive

Stores in Pawilony EFEKT containers are an economical solution both in terms of purchase and maintenance. Construction costs are low, and the possibility of renting such facilities further reduces initial costs. Our pavilions are also ergonomic, meaning they are easy to maintain and adapt to the specific needs of the client. They can be equipped with additional walls, windows, or sanitary facilities, increasing their functionality.

Intelligent Self-Service Stores: Modernity and Convenience

One of the most innovative solutions offered by Pawilony EFEKT are intelligent self-service stores. These are spaces equipped with various vending machines, allowing customers to make purchases 24/7 without involving staff. Our self-service stores are flexible and can be tailored to different needs – from selling dry products, through ready meals, to ice cream with toppings.

By integrating various machines with a single display, customers can create a single shopping cart, significantly increasing convenience and speed of shopping. Payment systems are equally flexible, including cash, contactless payments, and BLIK.

Who is the Self-Service Store For?

Our intelligent self-service stores are an excellent solution for:

  • Stationary stores that want to offer their products 24/7,
  • Workplaces, factories, and enterprises operating in a shift system,
  • Shopping centers, residential complexes, fitness centers, and sports stadiums,
  • Universities, schools, offices, hospitals, airports, and stations where there is heavy traffic.

Self-service stores significantly enhance customer comfort, allowing quick purchases without queues and at convenient times. Our experience in integrating object technologies allows us to create fully automated and safe stores, monitored by CCTV systems and centrally managed.

Modern Technologies in the Service of Customers

Pawilony EFEKT utilizes the latest technologies to provide customers with the best shopping experiences. Our solutions enable the management of background music, voice announcements, and digital audio and video marketing communication. By analyzing shopping habits, retail chains can effectively use up-selling and cross-selling strategies, personalizing advertising content and promotional offers.

Our intelligent self-service stores are equipped with advanced access control and monitoring systems, increasing shopping safety. Customers can use an application that not only allows them to enter the store and make payments but also creates dedicated promotions and manages inventory.


Commercial pavilions from Pawilony EFEKT are the ideal solution for entrepreneurs seeking modern, functional, and aesthetic retail facilities. Our intelligent self-service stores represent the future of the retail industry, offering customers the convenience and availability of shopping 24/7. Thanks to innovative technologies and flexible solutions, our pavilions can meet the demands of even the most discerning customers.