Additional protection on the roofs of our modular buildings

In our company, a leading manufacturer of Modular Buildings, we place great emphasis on the quality and durability of our products. The roofs of our structures are particularly vulnerable to weather conditions, which is why we have introduced an additional protective layer that enhances their lifespan and functionality.

The production of our Modular Buildings utilizes modern technologies and highest quality materials. Our advanced manufacturing processes allow for the quick and efficient creation of spaces that are not only aesthetic but also functional and energy-efficient. Each building is designed with the maximum use of space and user comfort in mind, ensuring ease of transport and assembly.

The PVC roofing membranes we use are known for their excellent resistance to weather conditions. Years of experience and continuous improvement of these materials have allowed us to achieve exceptional quality. These products, known for their remarkable durability, are commonly used in modular construction due to their flexibility, UV resistance, and ease of installation.

Our PVC membranes have undergone a series of rigorous field and laboratory tests. These tests include accelerated aging tests that simulate the long-term effects of weather conditions on the material. The results clearly indicate that the membranes can effectively protect roofs for at least 25 years, provided they are subject to regular inspections and proper maintenance.

Each of our PVC roofing membranes holds an NBI Technical Approval, which confirms their quality and durability. NBI Technical Approvals, such as numbers 2008 and 2010, have been granted for Protan PVC Roof Waterproofing products, demonstrating their superiority and compliance with the highest industry standards.

The basis for granting these approvals are contractual assumptions based on our experience and data gathered from research and implementation. Thanks to these assumptions, we are able to offer products that not only meet but often exceed customer expectations in terms of durability and resistance to external factors.

To ensure optimal roof protection, we recommend adhering to the manufacturers’ installation guides and regularly conducting inspections and necessary maintenance. Only then can the full potential of PVC technology be utilized to ensure long-lasting protection of the roofs of our modular buildings.

Our commitment to continuous improvement of products and technologies, collaboration with experts in the field of building materials, and focus on customer needs are key to our success. We believe that by providing the highest quality products and services, we are able to build lasting relationships with our clients, offering solutions that meet even the most demanding operational conditions.