Budowa pawilonów handlowych - Pawilony Efekt

Building of commercial pavilions

Commercial pavilions are containers that are made of sandwich panels. Their main purpose is a commercial activity.


Commercial pavilions are usually made of 100 mm thick wall panels and 150 mm thick roof panels. The material which is most often chosen for building containers is sandwich panels with polystyrene filling. Each customer chooses the colour of the elevation individually. They can choose from about 15 different shades. PVC or aluminium window frames are installed in the facade. The whole process, which is calculated from the end of design to delivery and putting the finished pavilion at the customer’s site, takes six weeks.


When we talk about the building of a commercial pavilion, we can identify three phases. These are: design, order execution and assembly at the customer’s site. Most often, in our company objects of 20-60 m2 are produced. Considering individual needs of our clients, the dimensions and shape are adjusted to meet client expectations. All arrangements are taken into consideration in the design phase. After the detailed design is ready, we proceed to the execution of the order.


The first step to the complete construction of the pavilion is to order sandwich panels with appropriate dimensions, colours and required parameters. Our task is also to prepare a steel framework with appropriate load-bearing parameters. Everything is adjusted to the dimensions specified in the design of the commercial pavilion. Preparation of window and door frames is handled by a special company that produces this type of products. A team of fitters prepares the elements according to the material requirements, which are needed for the assembly of the container.


The decision on the assembly option, depending on the size of the facility and the possibility of reaching the destination is made by the manufacturer of the pavilions. Smaller objects can be assembled in the factory. Then they are transported as a container to the customer, unloading them with a crane on a ground previously prepared by the customer. Larger-size pavilions are assembled entirely on site from delivered elements. The manufacturer of commercial pavilions must decide which way will be justified for economic reasons. Prices of each pavilion are calculated individually. Components that affect the cost of production are considered.