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Wide use of commercial containers

When establishing a commercial activity, it is worth investing in high-quality premises. Such a facility, thanks to its external appearance, will attract more potential customers.

The proposal of the company Efekt, directed at all its clients, encompasses commercial containers, which have no competition, taking into consideration the speed of assembly and universality of application. They can be designed for a grocery shop, a florist’s shop, an electronics outlet and many others.


Efekt company has many years of experience, thanks to which the quality and speed of projects is on a very high level. Our offer contains facilities adapted to the needs of our clients in every respect. We mean here the surface. We use highly durable steel constructions for the production process, and we can guarantee properly adjusted insulation and, of course, modern look. Aesthetics and visual values are the features that distinguish our commercial containers. They are finished with modern facade systems, including wood, steel cassettes, alucobond panels, fibre-cement panels. Containers in our offer are for year-round use and can be modernized or even moved.


The greatest advantages of commercial containers are:

  • short production time
  • low investment cost
  • universal use
  • high durability and aesthetics
  • appearance and parameters tailored to customer needs

Our company offers commercial containers, which are intended for service and commercial activities. These containers are designed and manufactured according to clients’ preferences, in fixed dimensions or combined in modules. Due to the fact that it is possible to adjust the size of the containers almost effortlessly, we are always able to find the most attractive location for them. An important advantage of this type of products is the possibility of their quick assembly and disassembly, which our company also carries out on the customer’s request.


Taking into consideration the possibilities and advantages of commercial containers, our containers can be either stationary or temporary. Each container is located on a foundation or concrete slab. In case we have a different foundation at disposal or experience technical difficulties, we propose containers with their own floor on steel construction. Our containers are not directly connected with the ground and therefore they do not require additional permissions before the assembly. This allows us to avoid unnecessary formalities, whilst our customers will be able to start their business activity in no time. Efekt company guarantees precise workmanship, solid construction and modern design, which will quickly attract new customers.