Prefabrykowane hale przemysłowe - Firma Efekt

Prefabricated industrial halls

The halls are all year round objects which are intended for storage, production, trade fair etc. This type of containers is made as a steel structure covered with a sandwich panel or encased in various types of metal sheets, e.g. trapezoidal.


Prefabricated halls are distinguished by their modern technology using sandwich panels. An undeniable advantage is the speed of construction as opposed to brick or casting technology. Another advantage is the possibility of applying any kind of finishing to external walls, whilst they remain in their original form. The customer chooses the colour from a wide range of shades. The halls are produced using products which have current ITB (Building Technology Institute) and PZH (Polish Institute of Hygiene) approvals. This allows to use the objects for various purposes.

Another advantage that distinguishes prefabricated halls is the ease of keeping them clean. A normal pressure washer can be used without any problems. Another advantage is that such a facility is very easy to expand. When there is no longer enough space in our hall, several elements can be delivered quickly and easily. We will keep the same colour and look.


The hall that has already been erected can easily be modified and modernised at any time. This includes, for example, the fitting of a garage gate, for which we do not need to make any structural changes. In such pavilions, we can use various types of skylights. This will allow us to reduce energy consumption costs. It is possible to erect a smaller object inside the hall or mark out rooms.