Garaże z płyt warstwowych - Pawilony Efekt

Sandwich panels garages

Sandwich panels garages are designed and manufactured in lightweight casing technology. They take the form of a single garage (one module garage shed) or a multi-space garage (one large facility with several entrance gates).


The load-bearing construction of the garage is made of cold-bent profiles, which are covered with sandwich panels with a styrofoam core, less frequently polyurethane. In our offer, customers will find finished and prefabricated garages. This will allow you to quickly put up a container and hide your vehicle and other things that you will want to store there.


The production of the garage starts from the design phase to the building phase on the site. It takes about four weeks. The main advantage of a garage made of sandwich panels is the possibility to move the facility as many times as necessary. Garages made of “obornicka board” can be adapted to the surroundings, thus obtaining an elevation identical to that on plastered buildings. This results, that a garage made of sandwich panels does not visually differ from a garage made in the traditional technology.